Completed Works

2019Of Gods & Tigers (Discord Jones 8)
2017Convicted Heart
2016The Wolf Fount (WatchWeres Inc 1)
Just Like Magic (Discord Jones 7)
Immortalis (TERRAN EXODUS: EDEN V 1)
Code Walker (revised edition)
2015Black Magic Shadows (Discord Jones 5)
A Little Street Magic (Discord Jones 6)
2014Save the Last Vamp (Discord Jones 3)
Frost & Bothered (Discord Jones 4)
2013Moon Children Dark Souls
Something to Curse About (Discord Jones 2)
2012Arcane Solutions (Discord Jones 1)
2011After the Fall: Hunter’s Edge
Fated Ends: The Grates
Lights Descendent
2010Rift (A Wolven Tale)
The Contract Bride
Dream of Death
The Sleeping Gods
Near Dark (Vol. 1)
2009Do You Remember?
Daughters of the Lore: Resurgence
The Doorway
His Amazon Consort
By Chance (After the Fall series)
Moon Children: Dark Cravings
2008The Parting
Don’t You Want Me?
First Blood (Harkfell Chronicles)
Precious Illusions
It Was Necessary
Connoisseur (Harkfell Chronicles)
A Simple Answer (Harkfell Chronicles)
Promise Keepers (Harkfell Chronicles)
Tangled Up in Blue (Harkfell Chronicles)
Top of the Food Chain
Predator (Harkfell Chronicles)
Blood’s Thicker (Harkfell Chronicles)
Seeking Warmth (Harkfell Chronicles)
No Coffee (Majick Incorporated series)
Target Acquired (Majick Incorporated series)
Halloween Happening (Majick Incorporated series)
A Brief History (After the Fall series)
The Katarr Creed (w/JC Montgomery, After the Fall series)
A Quiet Day (After the Fall series)
Solo Mission (After the Fall series)
Playing for Keeps (After the Fall series)
Ride the Lightning
A Little Nip Does the Trick (After the Fall series)
Sanctuary (After the Fall series)
Another Adventure
Lasting Echoes (Shadow Connor, the Huntress series)
Rising Moon (Shadow Connor, the Huntress series)
Shades of Gray
Tales from After
Tria’s Tale (After the Fall series)
Good Intentions (After the Fall series)
2007Stay With Me
Fulla Love
The Hunt (Harkfell Chronicles)
No One Would Ever Know
Broken Promises
The Search (Faedriae series)
Heading South (Faedriae series)
Focus (Psionics)
Feral Intensity (Shadow Connor, the Huntress series)
Changeling (NaNoWriMo novel)
The Silent One (After the Fall series)
Code Walker
Deadlands Hunt (NaNoWriMo)
2000Sienna’s Journal