August 2015: Works in Progress

Long time, no blogging!

Things aren’t proceeding as quickly as I’d like, because we’re in the middle of a full remodel of our kitchen, and room remodels are disruptive, time-consuming events. The dogs are particularly upset the “food room” has disappeared. :)

Anyhoo, I have 3 projects in my Current Works folder, and can introduce you to one of my new series.

New: The Scent of Death (Ruine Silver #1)

Description (subject to minor changes): This series will probably be 5 books total, and is Paranormal Fantasy/Supernatural Mystery.

Half-witch, half-werewolf Ruine Silver is used to being discriminated against–nobody wants a half-breed who can’t even shift. As soon as she moves to the house her mother left her in Shale Canyon, she is threatened and faces a difficult choice: Continue to pursue the mystery of her mother’s disappearance, or retreat to the dubious safety of her father’s pack.

The Shale Canyon pack, led by Sheriff James McCannon, appears to be helpful and welcoming. Especially the sheriff’s son and deputy, Jase, who is doing everything he can to disprove her need for wariness among her own kind.

The urge to discover why her mother left has grown in her heart for years. Ruine doesn’t have time for distractions, but a death threat is not to be ignored.

Current Word Count: 18,060

Release Date: Hoping it’s ready to go mid-September 2015.


Untitled (Discord Jones #6)

Description: I do not have one for it yet, but Discord has her hands full. Again. :)

Current Word Count: 20,591

Release Date: Most likely December 2015


New: Working Title: Monster Hunter (Khaldorn’s Blessed #1)

Description: This is a Western Paranormal Fantasy set on another planet. There’s magic and monsters, oh my!

Current Word Count: 8,348

Release Date: No clue yet.


2014, What a Ride!

Career-wise, this has been an amazing year. After 6 years of plugging away, and nearly giving up the dream, writing became my full-time job.

It’s a huge accomplishment, and one that wouldn’t have happened without the support of some very important people: Readers.

I can’t thank you folks enough for how you’ve changed my life this year, but I’ll keep trying!

Here’s to a wonderful 2015 for us all! :)

Thank you!